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As Part of your Digital Stable FREE National Equine ChipChecker

Check any UK Equine Microchip number

  • Check the data held on your equine is correct
  • Quickly report your horse missing to national authorities
  • Check the identity of any UK equine - a perfect tool when buying or selling

Launching April 2018

Register your interest and we'll tell you when it's live.

Equine Register ChipChecker

What to expect...

We'll let you know when the ChipChecker is ready. Meanwhile here's some things you'll be able to do using your Equine Register Digital Stable once it's live:

  • Check that your information is correct

    Make sure the information about you and your equine on the Central Equine Database is accurate. This includes microchip number and food chain status to ensure your wishes are met.

  • Tell us where your equine is kept

    We can then alert you and/or your equine keeper of relevant local and national disease outbreaks and criminal activities.

  • Quickly report your equine missing

    You can alert enforcement, welfare, vets, border control etc if your equine is missing. This will enable you and your horse to be reunited if it is lost.


Who is Equine Register?

Equine Register is the leading provider of national identification, registration and traceability services to the equine industry and governments.


We are Defra's partner in delivering and managing the Central Equine Database (CED) and National ChipChecker on behalf of the UK Government and Devolved Administrations. The CED holds over 1.2 million equine records from the 81 UK Passport Issuing Organisations.


Working closely with the equine sector, Equine Register has developed a series of bespoke digital tools that enable secure, real-time access to vital equine identification and traceability data. These tools promote compliance and good owner practices, increase horse and pony welfare and value, and help secure the human food-chain and national borders, all whilst reducing criminal activity.


Equine Register's cutting-edge patented technology position the UK at the forefront of equine traceability and biosecurity.

What the industry thinks...

"The technology Equine Register offers is cutting edge and does genuinely have the potential to revolutionise equine identification. The importance of this, particularly as an enforcement tool, must not be underestimated.

Lynn Petersen
Chief Executive
The British Horse Society

"From what I have seen as a potential user, this system would be of huge benefit to the sector and would more than completely fill the government’s regulatory requirements.

Jeanette Allen
Chief Executive Officer
The Horse Trust