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Activate your equine's FREE digital passport record and ensure the details held on the Central Equine Database (CED) are up to date and accurate

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Getting Started

Create a FREE Digital Stable account in 3 steps and make sure information held about you and your equine is up to date and accurate:

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    1. Verify identity

    Security of your data and that of your equine is of paramount importance to us. To ensure that we protect this we will ask you in the sign up process to verify your name and address using national identity documents.

    What this involves

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    2. Claim your equine(s)

    The Digital Stable searches the CED for equine records that match your personal details for you to confirm ownership and that the records are accurate

    How does this work?

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    3. Update Passport details

    Make sure all the information held about you and your equine is accurate on the Central Equine Database (CED)

    Why is this important?

Nationwide protection for your equine and you

Control the information held about you and your equine on the Central Equine Database (CED) using your Digital Stable account:

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    Food Chain Exclusion

    Instantly check and exclude your equine from the food chain. Even if your paper passport says excluded, ensure that is recorded as excluded on the CED

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    Check and Add Microchips

    It's now the law that all UK equines must be microchipped. Check that your microchip is recorded on the CED and instantly update or add microchip information

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    Update Owner Details

    Check that you are recorded as owning your equine and ensure that no previously owned equines are still registered in your name – as you can be liable for these. Any discrepancies can be corrected and updated through the Digital Stable

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    Report Equine Missing

    Record your equine as missing using your Digital Stable and automatically update the National ChipChecker and local authorities via the CED

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  • Frequently asked questions

    • The CED is the government database that holds the records of all equines in the UK. It is a legal requirement for all equines that live in the UK to be recorded on this database. The CED is managed by Equine Register on behalf of Defra.

    • If you own or have owned an equine in the UK then you should register with Digital Stable to make sure that your equines are in your name and that you let us know of any equines you no longer own, so that you are not liable for them.

      If you look after or loan an equine that you do not own, or are a livery or other yard owner - we have something new coming for you soon!

    • Yes, its free to register for an account and claim your horses. If you make any changes to your personal or equine data, your passport issuing organisation may charge you to make this change to the CED.

    • You'll need a passport, driving licence (photocard licence) or identity card to verify your identity. You'll also need your equine paper passport to confirm details are correct with the CED.

    • If your equine is missing you can notify the CED through your Digital Stable. The CED can then be checked so you can be reunited when it’s found.

      In order to ensure this happens you need to make sure your information is up-to-date on the CED through your Digital Stable. The Digital Stable and Digital Stable App are both FREE.

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  • Equine Smartcard ride tracker

Digital Stable App

Receive a FREE Digital Stable App when you create your account.

The Digital Stable App allows you to store your equine passport records on your smartphone, which is always synchronised with the Central Equine Database (CED).

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    Passports to Hand

    Never forget your equine passports again. Store your passports with the latest information from the CED

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    Digitally Secure

    Secure your equine passports with a unique pin code and access securely and quickly using Touch or Face ID

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    Share Passport

    Make sure you are the recorded owner of your own equine and choose whether you share your equine's digital passport information with others

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    Report Missing

    Record your equine missing or stolen, stating the exact location, instantly notifying the National Chipchecker

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