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Enter your equine's UELN or microchip number below to make sure that it's registered on the Central Equine Database (CED). By law all equines living in the UK, and their microchip details, must be registered on the CED

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What the industry thinks...

  • "A functioning and accurate equine database has the potential to bring huge benefits to owners, sporting bodies, equestrian businesses and, most importantly, to horse health and welfare"

  • "It is encouraging for us all that our approach on equine ID is indeed being considered by other countries"

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    Lord Gardiner of Kimble

    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  • "Equine Register's solutions will be transformational. You can't hold people to account for the way they treat their horses if you can't prove ownership. People need to understand the benefits of the CED and Digital Stable to the everyday horse owner"

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    Roly Owers

    Chief Executive Officer, World Horse Welfare

  • "From what I have seen as a potential user, this system would be of huge benefit to the sector and would more than completely fill the government’s regulatory requirements"

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    Jeanette Allen

    Chief Executive Officer, The Horse Trust